Established to create positive and sustainable difference to children that have experienced or at high risk of Sexual Exploitation.

Education at Physis Quantum

The Physis Academy strives for excellence in all aspects of its Curriculum planning and delivery - and is committed to providing a respectful, challenging and supportive environment. All of the students are educated 2:1 or 3:1 in all lessons by specialist teachers, unless 1:1 work is considered necessary for the development of their learning.

We aim to be a nationally recognised beacon of good practice producing thoughtful, imaginative, engaging and measurable outcomes that clearly demonstrate success in all aspects of our work with children and young people.

The Physis Quantum ethos is based upon supporting children and young people to achieve success by maximising individual potential, celebrating achievement, and raising every pupil’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth through the acquisition of nationally and internationally accredited awards as appropriate to their Individualised Education Plans, Personal Education Plans, Education Health and Care Plans and personal aspirations.

To achieve this level of success, Physis Quantum adopts an integrated approach to learning, in that everyone involved in the care, education and therapeutic process of our children and young people takes an active role in the promotion of skills, knowledge and learning.

The Physis Quantum school environment is designed to offer structure, routine and variety with the specific goal of removing previously held inhibitors to learning. As such, we have developed a semester system that caters for the widest range of ages and abilities. This ensures that the children and young people we support are constantly motivated and engaged and do not experience the learning and disengagement peaks and troughs associated with more traditional ‘term-based’ approaches.

All of our children and young people are expected to actively participate in assessing their own learning and progress and are positively encouraged and empowered to develop ownership of both their individual education programmes and the day-to-day running of the school.

We actively encourage our children and young people to both utilise and understand a range of ICT and multimedia resources to maximise their learning experience and potential.

Physis Quantum is committed to inclusion, where appropriate and achievable – and we have an extensive and productive network of links with local employers who are able to offer a wide range of challenging and rewarding vocational opportunities and experiences.

Measurement of achievement is undertaken through a range of recognised and accredited routes and awards. We offer Entry Level, Functional Skills and GCSE examinations for core curriculum subjects as well as covering the ASDAN life skills programme where appropriate. Courses currently being studied at GCSE level are English Language and Literature, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art, Child Development, Health an Social Care, PE, History and Food Tech. Physis Quantum has developed close links with a local speech and language therapist, careers advisor and physical trainer, using many local facilities which enable the students to learn both within and away from the school environment.  

The young people placed with Physis Quantum undertake a specific programme that is focused upon achieving a smooth transition through the school key stages as well as the ‘real world’ expectations of Post 16 studies and / or employment in the adult workplace.


The Quantum Leap Programme

Due to the traumatic experiences suffered by all of the students prior to their arrival at Physis, it was noted that in almost all cases they benefitted the most from a dedicated programme of therapy sessions, PSHE lessons, Sex and Relationship Education alongside the learning of life skills via the ASDAN programme.

After much consideration it was decided that an education programme which would prepare the girls for the next and future stages of their lives would be one which concentrated on developing the individual - rather than simplistically insisting that each child studied for GCSE, Entry Level and Functional Skill courses in the foundation subjects, although these qualifications will still be offered in English, Maths and Science. The subjects offered at Physis are therefore English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Citizenship, RE, Computing, PE and ASDAN. These will be delivered in small groups unless 1:1 session’s are considered to be necessary for the individual.  

In addition to these subjects each child will take part in The Quantum Leap Programme, which is aimed at helping each individual develop their understanding of themselves via therapy, being part of a therapeutic community, Sex and Relationship Education and PSHE type sessions.

It was also decided that, although the education, care and therapy elements of a placement at Physis were closely linked, we should endeavour to create an even closer bond between these elements and make it clear to each of the students that all three elements combined will have a beneficial effect on their future lives.

Education Policies

Our school policies are frequently reviewed and updated.  A selection of our policies can be accessed here on our website.


Employee Handbook

The Physis Group Employee Handbook, which is to be read in conjunction with our policies can be accessed by clicking the image below. 

Ofsted Inspection Report

The Physis Heathgates Academy was last inspected on the 6th of February 2018. A copy of the most recent report is available on the link below. 

Ofsted Inspection Report- 06.02.2018

Previous inspection reports can be accessed by clicking on the Ofsted logo below.

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